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Kitchens for a lifetime
It’s time to do things differently.

Stockbox Kitchens is a disrupter in the kitchen renovation space.

A semi-custom, high-quality kitchen cabinetry company, Stockbox Kitchens is affordable and efficient backed by a large factory and huge purchasing power.

We believe everyone should own the kitchen of tomorrow.

No matter what product, either semi or fully custom, we deliver and install your chosen cabinets in just 5 days. With three product lines to suit any budget, you can visit one of our showrooms, make your selection and receive pricing that same day. A certified installer comes the next day to transform your kitchen…for the last time. With a transferable lifetime guarantee, Stockbox Kitchens are built to withstand years of use. Our plywood cabinet boxes that serve as the base for your kitchen stay forever. So when you get that itch to refresh your kitchen or if you follow trends, don’t sweat it because this time you only pay a small fraction of the cost to reface your kitchen with new doors – not to mention the install is quick and painless.

About Us

Simple, Fast And Effective

The kitchen renovation industry has a broken model loaded with inefficient, antiquated processes. Homeowners first need to book an appointment, visit a showroom, sit down with a designer and plan their kitchen. Then they wait anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks just to get a price estimate (which is usually an exorbitant cost). Once they place their cabinetry order, they wait again, this time for another 6 to 8 weeks for their cabinets to be delivered and installed in their home. Then 5, 10, 15 years later, they do it all over again because no part of that last kitchen is reusable or preservable and it all goes into our landfills and creates a greater carbon footprint – even the base foundational cabinetry boxes are made out of particle board or melamine, which doesn’t hold up to water or moisture, cracks, chips and deteriorates easily over time.

Stockbox Kitchens changes all of that

Our beautifully displayed showrooms are accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using secure electronic access. Take your time as you browse without interruption or pressure from salespeople and designers – because no one is there (unless you personally request an appointment online). That’s right. Come when you want and shop how you want. Whenever you’re ready, get a design within a few hours and a full estimate that same day. Once you place your order, your cabinets are at your home within 3 to 5 business days and installed the day after delivery.

Conserving our environment one kitchen at a time

Did you know that many companies are importing dangerous goods into the country with no amount of accountability or proper oversight? The state of our environment and our world demand positive change.

At Stockbox Kitchens, we believe it’s critical that we operate in an environmentally sustainable way. Here’s how we do it.

All our cabinetry is CARB II certified, which means our products have less than 0.05 ppm of formaldehyde emissions. This is important because it ensures that the air you’re breathing in your home is healthy and free from harmful carcinogens.

From manufacturing to install, our entire process is carefully and stringently orchestrated to limit our carbon footprint. Our moving pads are reused many times over, and our shrink-wraps are made of fully recycled materials.

We’re building it forward, one tree at a time

This is one of our favourite parts of the process. For every kitchen we deliver and install, we plant a tree. You decide if you’d like the tree to be planted in your yard or donated. One week after we install your kitchen, we plant the tree.

Given the rise in infill building and redevelopment in urban areas over the last few years, slowly but surely, our cities are aiming to make efficient use of land resources, exercising more compact patterns of land use and development, and reinvest in areas poised for growth. Our plant-a-tree initiative is so important to us because this is our humble effort to make a mark, build it forward and create a legacy.

About Us

A fully coordinated process

Gone are the days of traipsing through dozens of separated showrooms for cabinets and countertops. Stockbox Kitchens has solid relationships with a wide variety of stone manufacturers and suppliers so you can easily choose your counter through us. Then we coordinate the delivery and installation in accordance with the cabinetry with as little disruption to your home as possible.

Get a new kitchen you feel good about.

Because now it’s affordable, fast, sustainable and long-lasting.

We are open 24/7