Custom Made Kitchen Cabinets in Toronto

Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Toronto

Save time, save money, exceed your expectations
When it comes time for you to renovate your kitchen, naturally, much of your focus turns to the cabinets. This is because they are one of the major focal points of your entire kitchen. In other words, you want them to be perfect.

Custom made kitchen cabinets

According to Houzz, cabinetry can be your largest expense in a kitchen renovation project – in many cases accounting for up to 40%, to be exact. Given its ability to be the difference between a stunning kitchen and a lackluster one, the cost is justifiable. But this doesn’t make it any easier to swallow, particularly when those custom made kitchen cabinets need to be ripped out and redesigned from scratch when you’re itching for a newly updated kitchen 10 years down the road.

This is the very problem Stockbox Kitchens was created to solve. By adding one, small word before “custom”, we offer you:

Semi-Custom Kitchen Toronto

Our cabinetry gives you:

  • Several on-trend, striking design options to choose from

  • A 24/7 showroom where you can plan designs and make decisions

  • Craftsmanship that comes from a CARB II certified factory

  • 100% plywood cabinet boxes that can be reused

  • Incredible savings when you renovate again and reface your kitchen cabinets

  • Lifetime guarantee

Get your custom kitchen cabinets – the new way

Stockbox Kitchens’ custom kitchen cabinets in Toronto have the unique high-end appearance to make your kitchen pop, without the extended timeframes, unnecessary hassles, excessive waste and exorbitant costs. We’re here to change the way homeowners think about custom kitchen cabinets.

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