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Get a fabulous new kitchen
And enjoy the process.

The kitchen remodeling industry has an antiquated and outdated procedure to get you from old to new.

  • Why do you need to wait 1 to 2 weeks for a design and price estimate?

  • Why does it take 6 to 8 weeks for installation?

  • Why can’t the base of the kitchen be reused down the road?

  • Why are so many harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process?

  • Why does it cost so much money?

We feel your pain. So we took action.

Stockbox Kitchens has developed a superior product with a superior process – all designed to make you love your new kitchen and the process you had to go through to get it.

How It Works

1. Get access to the Stockbox Kitchens Showroom.

It’s time to look around. Browse at your leisure. Visit our stunning showroom on your time and test-drive our kitchen cabinetry on full display. Our showroom is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is a secure facility that runs itself. There are no staff members – just beautiful kitchens for you to see.

Click here to get your personal access code. Follow the online instructions and you’ll receive a confirmation email with your unique code. Save your code and have it handy when you arrive at the showroom. Enter the code and go inside. Happy browsing!

2. Design it.

Like our cabinetry? Time to design your kitchen. Book an appointment online with one of our designers. We meet you at our showroom and walk you through your options to design your kitchen space. If you’re interested in a new countertop as well, just ask your designer to show you the many options we have available through our stone manufacturer and supplier partners.

If you’re interested in expediting the process, you can always skip step one and have a designer meet you at our showroom the first time you visit.

3. Come to the (wise) decision to make your new kitchen a Stockbox Kitchen.

It’s time to place your order. Contact your designer to help you complete the transaction. Within just 3 to 5 business days, your Stockbox Kitchens cabinetry is delivered using a process and packaging that are environmentally friendly and designed to reduce our carbon footprint.

4. Installation day.

The day after your cabinetry is delivered, a professional, experienced and certified expert comes to install your cabinets and transform your kitchen. If you also ordered a new countertop, we coordinate the full installation so you never have to worry about any part of the process.

5. Tree planting day.

We’re thrilled to plant a tree for every kitchen we install. Tree planting happens after your kitchen is installed and you can decide whether you’d like us to plant the tree in your yard or donate it. This is our way of doing good for the environment and creating a small legacy as we do it.

6. Fast forward to when it’s time for a fresh look 5, 10, 15 years later.

Here’s when the real magic happens. There’s no need to start from scratch all over again because Stockbox Kitchens are built to last with a transferable lifetime guarantee. The base cabinet boxes, made of 100% plywood, are reusable. This means you can completely reface your kitchen at a fraction of the cost to get a clean and refreshed look or to suit the latest trend. The install is quick and seamless, and you never again need to break the bank to get the new kitchen you’ve been dreaming of.


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