Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets

Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets in Toronto

For a modern, standout kitchen
Over the last several years, lacquer kitchen cabinets have become exceedingly popular. Sharp, refined and polished in appearance, lacquer cabinetry gives any kitchen a contemporary look and feel.

Durable material

When kitchen cabinets are finished with lacquer, a tough surface is created. And we all know this goes a long way in a room like the kitchen, where daily wear and tear is apparent. In comparison to varnish, shellac, natural oils and polyurethane, grey lacquer kitchen cabinets last longer and don’t run the risk of losing their colour or picking up a weathered, yellow hue.

Variety of colours

At Stockbox Kitchens, we offer a few different lacquer colour options. Our black lacquer kitchen cabinets and grey lacquer kitchen cabinets bring a dynamic appearance to the space, and pair beautifully with contrasting countertops and floors. If you’re looking for something timeless, Stockbox Kitchens’ white lacquer kitchen cabinets give a brightening, clean, crisp effect that never gets old.

Seamless process

At Stockbox Kitchens, we’ve developed a kitchen renovation process that is accommodating, easy and inclusive of a lifetime guarantee that lets you reface your kitchen at a fraction of the cost and hassle down the road.

Simply choose from one of our luxurious lacquer kitchen cabinet profiles and come see it in person in total privacy at our 24/7 showroom that runs itself. Work with one of our designers to plan your kitchen, receive your lacquer kitchen cabinets within 3-5 business days and have them installed by one of our experts the day after delivery. Then redo your kitchen cabinets down the road, keeping your 100% plywood cabinet boxes intact so you can save time and spend less.